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  1. First, thanks for the funny, calming supportive comments. Second, the craziest thing, after spending time on this with the support analyst a week ago, this morning I fired up Evernote Mac version on another of my computers and voila, the tile view was there. So now I can't even remember maybe it was the web app that got rid of the tile view? Anyhow maybe the support guy should've just told me to use the desktop app? I'm confused. My cog psych degree is letting me down.
  2. The Evernote TILE VIEW made it possible to leverage my robust human visual system to search and recall all kinds of notes out of the 5,000 I have. In Jan, they got rid of that view. Why? In my view, Silicon Valley is filled with hubris and ego. New product managers always want to make a bold statement. They want to make a change. They make up some excuse and test it out on a few people. But I have something on my side. A cog psych degree, and the knowledge that our human visual processing system is over half of our brain and by far the most sophisticated and advanced system of our hu
  3. i have just spent a very frustrating hour trying to find the fill tool after *finally* updgrading -- took me awhile since last upgrade was also miserable it was key to my use of skitch -- it adds huge value to the annotation tools -- now i might as well import the photo immediately into my ppt and do my changes there -- now i have to create successively smaller rectangles to fill the same purpose this is ridiculous to suggest that people aren't using this, if you are annotating images, the fill tool is nothing less than an eraser -- it is critical
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