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  1. Hi Ryan, Tatum here from Gneo - I noticed you had a question about how Gneo syncs. I am not sure if you were in touch with us already however, you can email us at hello@gneo.co if you have questions or issues and we can help you with these. You mentioned that you have "started using Gneo, and it creates a 'sub stack' like a ghost, that assigns notes that synch with gneo to a substack that goes across all notebooks. I can search and find them all by searching stack:gneo, but I can't take an existing EN note and add it to the gneo stack. I'd sure like some help doing that, if anyone can help me. I'm trying to upload all of my existin to dos into this new system by adding them to that 'substack'." You can in fact move notes into the Gneo stack and have them sync to Evernote, which I think you have now resolved given your last comment? I am glad that you are enjoying using Gneo and are finding it works really well for you! If I can help further please let me know. ThanksTatum
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