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  1. Hi all, Sorry to bring back this rather old topic, but there's a function I really miss on Skitch and I would like to suggest. I like the Skitch annotated version of pdf's so much htat I really want to use it for pretty much every pdf i need to work with from finder. However, when opening a pdf on Skitch from finder and trying to save it back, it autoamatically generates an evernote note with the modified version. If i want to replace original, i have to drag it to the finder window, drop it and replace. It'd be great to allow for Skitch to "Save replacing original" (e.g. cmd+Shift+S) that automatically replaces original finder document. In case you are wondering about why i need that, I will provide some context: I use a reference software to keep thousands of scientific papers. FOr many reasons evernote is not suitable for this task. however, the Skitch summary function is very very useful to be able to annotate these papers and review them at a glance. I can open pdfs with skitch from the application, but if i want to save the summary i need to go find the folder where the original file is, and drag it there. Couldn't we make it easier? Thanks a lot! Keep the good work. Skitch is an amazing tool that would benefit from this and text recognition (for highlighting). Limiting its use to the Evernote notes is putting handcuffs to a very powerful application. Juan
  2. Hi both, I posted my work around this here: http://discussion.evernote.com/topic/40446-re-editing-pdf-using-skitch/?p=239622. I hope it is of any help. Juan
  3. Hi all, As many here, I am interested on editing .PDF files from the Evernote note, in such a way that annotations are saved on the spot, without creating a new (annoying) note. I have been trying the different options here, and the best I have been able to do is to click on the note, open with... Skitch, and from there instead of saving just use the 'drag me' tab to put the annotated file back into Evernote. This will create a copy of the file inside the first note, but it is the only way to keep the Skitch summary without creating new note! I understand this is done this way so you will not be inserting a summary in an original file, defacing it. However, many of us are interested into introducing that summary on the original file! Summary is just great for scientific paper analysis and sharing! Hope this helps, Juan PS. First post in Evernote forums!
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