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  1. Hello Evernote Team, I am a huge fan of your product. I am a law student and find Evernote very helpful for taking class notes and managing school organization projects. As I prepare for finals, I realize that one feature that would be extremely helpful in a future update would be and outlining function. I know there are bullets and numbering tools, but this doesn't quite meet the needs of a law school outline. Law students need something that helps automatically format the note into sections and subsections in uniques styles and headings. I often end up exporting my notes back to Word so that I can use the outlining function there to finalize my outlines, but I would so much prefer to keep everything together in Evernote. I think you have a truly amazing product, and the addition of an outline feature would make my day! Thank you Evernote Team for all your hard work! smz1230
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