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  1. Can anyone please tell me wether their Script works fine or not? (Wether the line is under the tip when holding the stylus angled or not)
  2. Hi guys, I'm having problems with my jot script. If I write with my pen tilted to the right (holding it as I would a pen) the line will not be under the tip of the stylus, it only will if I hold it straight up (and if I tilt it to the left the line will be left of the tip). This makes the stylus unusable to me. Is anyone having this or is this a factory defect? (This is actually completely unrelated to penultimate, the pen will do this in any app, and yes it is connected via Bluetooth 4 with my mini in penultimate but that doesn't help) I added a photo in which you can see how far the line is from the tip when I hold the stylus like In a writing angle, drawing a vertical line.
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