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  1. When setting a reminder, the time dialog is clumsy.  Is there a way to change it?  The default dialog has "dials" that can be changed by swiping up/down on the hour/minute.  


    Here's a suggestion:


    It would be nice to have a dialog that displays an analog clock, with hours listed.  Touching the hour sets the hour.  An am/pm radio button can also be selected.  After setting the hour, another analog clock face appears, showing 5-minute increments.  Touching one sets the time.  This is how Google Calendar works in Android, and I like it much better.

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  2. I agree.  I have my default notification sound (in Android settings) set to silent, because I do not want the phone to be making noises every time a notification happens.  I prefer to look at my notifications later.  Then, in my text Messages app, I have a separate notification sound set (and some special ones for individual people).  Also, in my gmail app, I have another notification sound set (because I want to hear the difference between e-mail and text messages).  I have other apps set similarly, with their own sounds.  I would like to set Evernote with its own sound too.


    Presently, because I have Android's notification sound set to "silent", I don't hear any sound for Evernote, and I can't change that.  Please add a setting for this.

  3. I agree that the Android app needs the ability for the user to specify a notification sound.  Without that feature, Evernote reminders are worthless and I'll just go back to using the calendar app in my phone for reminders.


    Evernote reminders should also have a way to display the reminder on the lock screen and the home screen in addition to the notification bar.  I get so many things in my notification bar that I just ignore it anyway.

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