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  1. The Clipper hanging on certain pages is getting worse in Chrome. The classic problem was the "..." with no title. Now the Clipper "busy" icon just keep turning around and eventually Clipper will crash and want to be reloaded. Curiously, the page does seem to get clipped if you check your Web or Evernote app. It would good to fix this ASAP. It is annoying and wastes time.
  2. Web Clipper 6.0.3 extension in Chrome 30.xx on my Windows 7 laptop and Chrome 30.xx on my Google Chromebook frequently shows "..." when I click to save a web page. No way to clear it until you reboot. Stopping or removing the extension doesn't do anything. As an Evernote customer, I'm finding this "bug" increasingly annoying. I'm using mainstream websites in the IT industry when this happens.
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