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  1. Thank you, both! You are right DTLow, I needed to also hit the Option key. I had overlooked that. As soon as I did so I saw the link to the database folder, and also I see I have 6.11 installed, so I need to upgrade to 6.12 and then this will all be moot, since the link will now be in a new place, but bravo to Evernote for making things more consistent!
  2. I believe this is outdated info. I just tried opening the About Evernote screen on my mac and there was no "Open database folder" link.
  3. I agree - almost unusable ever since they made the major update. They really need to fix it. I'm investigating other options in meantime, since Evernote is almost unusable now. Used to be my favorite program before the update. Anybody know if we can download the old Evernote somewhere to revert back to it?
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