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  1. I've been an enthusiastic Evernote user for about 2 years now, but am working in an office where the Operations Mgr has wanted the ability to have more integrated processes and collaboration including Outlook's scheduling capabilities, document sharing, etc. I must admit, I resisted the notion...as I said, I've been enthusiastic about Evernote. But now I've been working with OneNote (2010) for the past couple of months and there certainly is a lot to like about it as well. I find myself torn between two really good products. On the one hand, I find Evernote more visually appealing..I like being able to look at my lists and see visual representations of content...images of recipes, people, houses, webpages, etc, make it so easy at a glance to find what I'm looking for. And being an "organization" junkie, I've managed to keep my notes and stacks well constructed so I can quickly find what I need. And Evernote is very good at keeping its "desktop" very consistent between devices...so whether I'm online, on my own computer, on my tablet, or on my phone, what I find and where I find it remains very consistent. On the other hand, once I wrapped my brain around OneNote's "lay of the land" (ie, Books, Sections (I think of them as Chapters in those books), and Pages), I find myself much preferring the organizational structure of OneNote. I'm also not a fan of Skydrive, which is our best option right now for syncing and online work. As to integration with Outlook...for contacts, scheduling, email, etc., OneNote is fabulous! I would love to be at a point where I would only be using one product, but for the time being (still fairly new in the OneNote arena) I find I am quite comfortable using OneNote for our business...but Evernote still seems to be my "go to" app for personal. One other point of info....the folks at Evernote have made it easy to get OneNote notes imported to Evernote. However, Microsoft has not, at least as of yet, returned the favor. Getting notes from Evernote to OneNote is a challenge. I have tried apps for that, but have not yet been impressed. By the way, I use both Evernote and OneNote on pc, Android phone, and Android tablet. Setting up sync was a snap with Evernote, not as intuitive at the start for OneNote...though once set up, it does seem to work beautifully as well! I do love having access to all this content on all my devices (or online if need be!) Looking forward to other perspectives. Judi
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