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  1. I recently have problems with the search on Windows. Certain notes I can't "find" in the windows version whilst on OSX and iOS and on the Web the same notes show up absolutely fine. It would appear like a problem with the index on my windows device. Is there any way to reset the search index? Or is there any other explanation why I can find certain notes on iOS and OSX but not in Windows?
  2. I've raised a Support ticket and got answer that they turned this off. I'll Keep raising new tickets until they fix this.
  3. Does anyone here experience the same problem? for about a month now, new PDFs scanned to Evernote don't have a preview anymore in iOS. In Windows and OSX preview works fine and even for older PDFs, the preview in iOS is working. Only new stuff no longer has a preview and only in iOS. Has anyone noticed the same?
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