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  1. You are not provoking a tirade, but a response. It's east to find a work around, but that doesn't make it any more desirable or acceptable to not have the word count feature in the iOS version. There are a few word count apps that I would love to recommend, Text Analyzer being one. In general the free ones have advertisements, the pay apps seem too expensive for a single one trick pony. Word-processing apps have them, and may cost money. In any case, to streamline work flow and as a best practice, it would be nice not to have to switch between apps and work with copied text. Every time one moves between apps with a copy and past function there is the possibility of data being lost due to human error, or as infrequent as it is these days, application error. Secondarily, it would be nice to have uniformity in function along apps across platforms and implementation. Lastly, It is something that some people have asked for. That does not justify adding it, but Evernote is often referred to as a "multitool" or a "Swiss army knife" for thoughts and information. I see it like adding a ruler to an already existing flat edge.
  2. I am stepping up to beat this dead horse. I'm not sure if we should be using a whip, a bludgeon, or a chainsaw. At this point I am thinking the chainsaw. To simplify work flow, and make Evernote ever the more functional for those of us that use the app on mobile devices that are not laptops or desktop computers, please implement a word count feature for the mobile versions (for me iOS). Commencing horse beating: W O R D C O U N T F E A T U R E F O R M O B I L E ( E S P E C I A L L Y i O S ) E V E R N O T E ! ! !
  3. Yes, please, the iOS version needs a word count feature. It seems like this comes up again and again in the forums that people would like to see a simple word count feature in the iOS app. I use Evernote almost exclusively on my iOS devices and this would simplify my application workflow, as I could draft my projects directly into Evernote.
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