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  1. As a long-time paying user and enthousiast I've been using Evernote for everything ranging from note-taking, personal finances, personal archive, work archive, thought map, gtd (using the secret weapon), etcetc. It is a great product managed by a company which HAD a great vision... Recent events however have made me lose confidence in this company: the price hike, the bug which made some people lose notes and now the privacy change... Respect for privacy must be absolute and cannot under any circumstance barring juridical approval be violated, especially not for something as trivial as another (pointless?) feature which needs to be debugged... have some perspective ! Even with my busy schedule, I've spent half the day researching alternatives and found interesting (free!) alternatives which come quite close but which are not completely up to par (yet). I was ready to jump ship and even update my way of working to align with one of these alternatives, until I read about your change of heart. For the moment I will continue using Evernote, but follow-up the alternatives as well... Evernote company: please think long-term iso short-term and don't you dare destroy a great product!
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