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  1. Mac Pro desktop OSX El Capitan EN Version 7.2 (456745 Direct) Editor: 47.0.5287 (17d18b5) Have been using Evernote since Oct 2008 When I go to "check updates" Evernote tells me I have the most current version.. 7.2 It could be that since my Early 2008 Mac Pro cannot be upgraded beyond El Capitan --- 7.2 is the limit for me on Evernote. The .tiff files {and some a few others) do not display inline. Most of them do, and converting them to .jpg or .jpeg does not change the inline display. This happened during one of the Evernote updates along the way in the last 4 years. I did not keep track of when, but this is the time for me to search for "tiff", fix the 70 or so notes and move forward. Thanks for the extra info about Evernote.
  2. Mac Pro desktop OSX El Capitan EN Version 7.2 (456745 Direct) Editor: 47.0.5287 (17d18b5) Have been using Evernote since Oct 2008 :: my workaround to this very aggravating issue is to do a search for "tiff" then go to each note in the listing (Before following the procedure below, go to EN preferences and set the Clipper to Inline) just in case. FIRST double click the note to open it in its own window this is because deleting the attachment symbol will hide the note because of the search term 'tiff' now click the Info icon at the top right of the note to show the creation and mod dates copy the mod date to the URL field close the info panel then double click the first attached file symbol which opens the file in Preview app do cmd-C to copy go back to EN note, click just to the right of the attached-file-symbol hit delete on the keyboard then paste a new copy of the graphic after doing this for all the symbols on THIS note.. go back to the Info panel and copy-paste the URL field into the mod date hitting enter restores the mod date the active note disappears from the main listing window unless the string 'tiff' remains in the note content > changing the .tiff to (.jpg or .jpeg) using the right-click menu changes the filename on the hard drive, but does NOT allow the image to show inline (most likely because the 'tag' that instructs 'inline' vs 'attachment' is still formatted in the .ENML code > my database has about 90 notes that show attached .tiff files instead of inline > i am sure that using an html editor would allow modifying each note .ENML code to be inline .tiff but that is a much slower process and might cause sync problems with modification dates in the EN database vs the Finder version of the content.enml file I hope this helps someone.. I have done my cleanup and secured my zipped backup.
  3. I have moved on and use (very powerful) Viola. Reverting to earlier Skitch to have access to my vast library of captures. I am on a powerful desktop Mac and have no interest in dialing down to a mobile user feature set, sparse interface, and every-platform compatibility. .. and, yes, Viola will share to Evernote accounts, as well as others.
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