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  1. @GrumpyMonkey Why say something like this? I'm sure many people are aware of the point your making, but you don't need to rub it in - we're vocalising something because we feel this is important and we DO know that dev's look at these forums. You making the assumption that our +1's don't carry any weight yet this thread could be the evidence that dev's need to even consider this a possibility. They could run a poll asking users if they want more customisation in Evernote. The reasons are self evident, we don't need more of them, we need more support of those reasons to be implemented, not someone who is criticising the community for a seamlessly pointless +1 +1 to a dark theme
  2. To add to the "why is this a necessity" list - While its true that people just have to deal with it on the web but the time spent on a single web page is minimal compared to the time people spend in applications. While i understand Evernote might not want to compromise their design aesthetic - its a limiting belief that eventually takes away from its functionality. White on white just isn't practical for anyone planning to use it for extended periods of time. I know this all comes across as whiny, and by no means am i displeased with the rest of the functionality but i think the white on white is a consequence of trying to adapt to windows design philosophy rather than making a platform agnostic version of your own
  3. +1 +1 I agree, i find myself using the older versions not out of functionality but because of contrast White is the most efficient colour to work with but also the least interesting And hi, im going to check out the rest of the forum
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