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  1. FVG: this is exactly what I'm experiencing. Since the 6.11 upgrade, all existing Notes with such tables now look like the long thin line you've shown here.
  2. Woo hoo! Thanks, BSR. I appreciate it.
  3. (Mac version 6.10) -- Same problem, though for me it happens with PDFs and Word attachments. When I click (or double-click) to open a PDF or Word file, my cursor jumps immediately to the top of the note completely away from that attachment. The only way I can open such an attachment is to control-single-click on the attachment and select "open." Something's very wrong. (Today is November 29, 2016, by the way. Where are our Evernote employee friends these days? I feel so alone right now. Sniff, sniff.)
  4. Two comments here: 1) I strongly vote for adding an option to Confirm Delete. If Evernote makes this a checkbox in Tools--Options, it would please everyone, as several people have pointed out here. Check or uncheck as you like. Power to the user = happy Evernote customers = healthy long-term relationship. 2) On a wider note, this discussion thread has been here a while, and the Evernote people are not responding (I've noticed this problem in other threads as well). If the Windows tech people at Evernote don't know how to add this sort of option (and one suspects that might be the case here), that's one problem. But the bigger problem, Evernote Staff, is that you're not adding to this discussion. If you are serious about being a "100 year company," I'd like to suggest that it's very important for you to show up at these discussions and engage with us. We are hearing crickets, and it doesn't speak well for our long-term commitment to each other.
  5. I'm on the side of mindfully titling my own notes. I have specific parameters: that old YYYYMMDD plus descriptions plus keywords etc. But my Windows Evernote is doing worse things than just creating a title from the first words of my Note. It is randomly replacing my own title with words from the body of the Note (in other words, after I've created the title on my own). I don't know why. Another scenario: if I merge notes, mindfully title the new merged note, then delete the top-most large-text title of originally merged-note number 1, Evernote takes it upon itself to replace the name of the Note title with the name of the bottom-most large-text title of the second merged note. I know my syntax is confusing here, but the basic gist is that Windows Evernote is behaving like a person with a bad case of Tourette Syndrome. All I want is a switch where I tell Evernote to completely disable the auto-title function. Please make it so, Evernote.
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