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  1. I think everyone is missing the point here. It doesn't matter about coding, or otherwise... What is important and needed is a way to use different font/styling at the push of a button. For example, I might want to write a note with some titles - a level 1 heading, level 2 heading, etc would help. If I am storing some output from a terminal or some code, I want a way to display that info in a monospace font easily. The argument that this is a 'niche' requirement is bogus - every word processor and most webpage text editors have the same facility (I see this one has a 'code' button for example), so am surprised Evernote doesn't have such a universal and simple method. Cheers, Richie
  2. I am after the same feature - I cannot believe that the writers of Evernote don't use their own service for a note taking service. To be honest, this should be a pro-feature - I could then justify billing my company for its usage, and everyone wins! I need to be able to do this in whatever client, and ideally in a future version be able to choose the font I want for style X I can then do headers, sub headers easily in a way that translates nicely into our corp wiki. How do we vote for this feature? Cheers, Richie
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