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  1. Thanks for the help Gaz and J Benson. I plan on using a combination of your suggestions with this archive project. Here is what I am planning on doing: - Create Separate E-Notebook in Evernote for each physical notebook. - Smart tag all pages - Add tags to all pages in the three letter format here: http://discussion.ev...ls/#entry155962 - I will then have another note that holds the master key to all of the 3 letter codes, so when I forget, I have something to refer back to. - Create individual notes in each notebook with the date in in the note title in YYYYMMMDD format thanks again!
  2. Coming up on year's end, I am going to be archiving 3 Evernote Moleskine Notebooks that I have amassed over the last year. I would like to optimize my notebooks/notes as much as possible, so I wanted to see if there were any suggestions or best practices on the following: OCR: Is there a limit on the number of pages I can OCR at once?Would you scan in an entire notebook as a note, or break it up in some other way?Tags: Other than using the smart tags, has anyone found a good way of making topics (self created text tag) searchable? I have tried using the hashtag (#tag) and that doesn't work as an option.To Do's: Does anyone use this feature to manage their real life to-do list? Thinking about it, but not sure if it makes sense. Thanks again! Bryce
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