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  1. +1 on this too. Very frustrating to see this hasn't been addressed yet. Even a 2560 x 1440 monitor you can see the font rendering is not as good as when using high-res compatible apps (like Chrome finally released the Windows version this week). Really considering not renewing my Premium membership at the end of the year.
  2. Yeah, I use the Shortcuts a lot as well. It's just that if it's on the taskbar, you can access a note directly without even opening the actual app, just saves a little more time I think. Thanks,
  3. The title says it all, it would be great to be able to pin notes (like you do with files in File Explorer or links in Chrome) directly to the Evernote taskbar icon. Currently there are only "Tasks" options like New Note but it definitely has space to be able to pin individual notes (or even tags or notebooks). Thanks!
  4. Having trying to adapt GTD to my Evernote workflow, I use a lot of special characters (@, !, #) in my tags to define context, time, etc. But when I go to see my tags in the iOS apps, it groups them all together under the first # category. Would be great to have different groupings for special characters like one for @, another for # and so on. One other feature request would be to add the nesting layout that is used in the desktop apps to iOS as well. Right now I have several of my tags nested and when I look for them in iOS, it's all over the place since all the nesting structure is gone. Thanks a lot
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