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  1. I used that feature as a selling point when I would convince my friends to try Evernote. Why such a great and unique feature be removed?!
  2. I find this very irritating. I was able to manually change the location in 5.5 by copy/pasting the Long & Lat I got from Google Maps. You can drag and drop pins on the map on Evernote's iPhone. I would expect the same from the desktop app.
  3. I was using Evernote to hold onto my favorite iPhone photos so I didn't waste HD space. To retrieve them on my mobile I have to copy the photo in EN to the clipboard, paste it to an email to myself, then save the photo to the library. I remember having the feature. Losing this means that Evernote can't be effectively used as my primary all-purpose cloud storage. I canceled my premium subscription in favor of upgrading Dropbox. Evernote, cloud text;Dropbox, cloud photo album
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