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  1. SnagIt from TechSmith has a really nice clipper control, and it can also do videos too. I've looked at many and this is the best.
  2. More than one year since I posted this bug. No reply from Evernote support staff. Still broken.
  3. This feature is still broken. When I clip on one screen, it clips something from another screen. I would literally drag tabs from one window to my main window to clip them. But now I can't even do that. I started using the Web Clipper which initially I was blown away by - but it is just way to slow to use. I want to click a button and then move on immediately and have it save in the background. After years with Evernote - I have moved away from it towards Ember and other solutions. There is not enough polish and attention to detail when it comes to user experience from Evernote as a whole. There doesn't seem to be a prioritisation on fixing bugs either. There was about two years where I would `Copy url` and it would always crash. And the clipper regularly crashed too. The desktop software has always been incredibly buggy and the interaction patterns are cumbersome. Yes Evernote is a large company now and is very successful and I'm sure lots of people love it - but my feeling about it has always been "I wish there was something else".
  4. When pressing `ctrl+cmd+c` the cross hair only shows on the primary display. It is not possible to clip on any other display now. This broke in Mavericks. When can a fix be expected?
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