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  1. Yeah, I've been using the note links as well as the tags, but recently it seems that I've accumulated a lot of tags and sometimes I feel that the copy-and-pasting of note links can be a little redundant. Now, I may just be getting picky, but I thought it could be a way to remove some clutter. Either way, using tags and the note links has been extremely useful.
  2. Hi! As a chemist, I use Evernote almost everyday. I find it very helpful in keeping electronic copies of my research notebooks via the document camera. So far, Evernote has also added a whole new dimension to keeping a research notebook authentic simply by adding the location and timestamp to each note. The tag and searching features are also very helpful in finding notes that are share the same reaction, procedure, etc. There is one thing, however, that I think that would make things so much easier for me. My hand-written notebooks are usually not sequential. If I am running multiple reactions on a given day, it is often hard to finish writing up a reaction procedure, workup, etc. on the next sequential page. I would find it very useful, if Evernote could incorporate a "Thread" feature, in which one would be able to easily link the previous note and the next note from the current note you're working on (see attachment). Moreover, it could also be nice to be able to search by these "threads" so you can find just another way of grouping them together within one notebook. Workup_of_KBB0366__67_-5.pdf
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