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  1. Is the goal.After developing litteraly thousands of sites both simple and ridiculously complex I can appreciate the complexity. But also we are not talking about bootstrapping blind here for an Android version. Yes with the huge diverse range of versions that adds complexity, but starting from ASOP or heaven forbid a galaxy (my preference is the HTC One >:~}) then it's a bit easier.
  2. I've tended to avoid officially commenting here because I have nothing tangible new to report from last I commented in this thread and I'm not looking to lead anyone on, but I can definitely say it's not vaporware and we are definitely working on it. Again, no ETAs, but the dream is very much alive. That's cool thanks, a date would be nice but knowing the is done development happening, well that's enough for now thanks.
  3. This is a users board. EN staff post occasionally as time permits. If you want to dialog directly with EN, please submit a support ticket (see my sig) or premium users can use the chat.I can appreciate this, but when some staff members already posted before about a year ago and they gave hope then (and recieve email updates) you expect more. It was a comment s few of us made on the CEO's blog that seemed to spur a reaction.
  4. It's actually rather insulting of them to be honest and I enjoy the Evernote, but don't want to support a company that doesn't even bother to answer it's customers in its own forum. Giving it till end of February with some kind of news and if nothing, then canceling my preloaded company subscriptions.
  5. All I know is I am a paid up member and organised my company as well, and were about to move several of the lads in as well, but I am an avid Android user with several devices and the Penultimate would be amazingly convenient for me. At this stage after almost a year of promises I may start looking around for another solution altogether! It would be nice if Evernote got back and said either yes/no or sorry lads Qtr 1 20xx and will be launched. At least we can have something definitive!
  6. This thread has been going on now for more than a year, just wish EN would say yes they are doing this and it will be qtr x in 20xx when its due. As its a serious omission in their suite of products, and its only a matter of time when a competitor will bring a good feature set like this out and you would loose a lot of customers.
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