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  1. I'm all for thoughtful dissent and constructive discussion. I love it when people on the Internet provide that. For me, the issue of whether or not the current zoom mode is good is irrelevant because: a) Zoom mode is accidentally entered way too often. The non-zoom mode is broken... it appears that certain small characters (9 and + do it for me) trigger the "Paste" button to pop up. Those two things make Penultimate almost unusable (for me). I am confident that they will fix this, however; it's too broken not to. I totally agree with TDeep! Due to the issue with the "Paste" button popping up all the time, the app is useless, and I have downgraded (just google "downgrade app" to see how). Until two days ago I loved Penultimate. Used it every day for notetaking, etc. I am waiting eagerly for a bug free release!
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