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  1. I think we all learned something important here. "Best New Apps" means best at paying Apple money to say the app is good. Clearly the app itself was never reviewed by anyone with any common sense, if it was reviewed at all.
  2. Dear BNF: I don't have high hopes, either. A political activist I know once told me that emails and calls just don't influence people like a big sack of mail. (ps, it's 49 cents these days). Dear Scott: while I'm heartened that Evernote staff are as committed as ever, a fail this major really does warrant an Executive response. And fast...
  3. Sine they won't respond to our postings, maybe they will respond to paper. Please actually mail them a letter. Phil Libin, CEO Evernote Corporation 305 Walnut Street Redwood City, CA 94063 USA
  4. Just awful, Evernote. Others have detailed all that is wrong with the new version. Please mark me down as an unhappy customer. I'm going back to paper.
  5. I'm shocked that a company that has developed such great products has managed to completely mess us Penultimate. Others have described the many failures of this new design. Please mark me down as another unhappy customer. I have a important meeting today with a client. I'll be taking those notes on paper!
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