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  1. Dropbox updates almost immediately & can do so b/c Dropbox's usage is based upon what's on the server at any given time. IOW, if you are allowed 2 gigs & you are currently at 1.75 gigs, you can delete enough stuff to get down to 1.25 gigs so you can add something that's 50 gigs. Evernote, OTOH, uses upload. So it doesn't sync each time you make a change say, from your Mac desktop client. Otherwise, it would be using up your upload limit very quickly. IOW, if you are allowed a gig per month & you've used up 75% of it, deleting things does not free up any space. Haha, you are funny Burgers'N'Fries. You just refuse to acknowledge there could be a bug in Evernote. Let me try to explain once again: When Evernote tries to sync (or upload) a note and it finds a newer note on the server, it should save a conflicting copy in a 'conflicting changes notebook'. The problem is, this does not always happen and in these cases it simply overwrites the newer note, thus, actually causing the user to lose data. This does not happen with other cloud services (like Dropbox) and has nothing to do with upload limits or what the usage is based.
  2. Also I cannot access that page since Evernote's home page seems dead set on redirecting me to their Swedish site (I'm Swedish, but I'm surfing the web from Canada!?) and I can't seem to get it to go to the international site.
  3. In theory, Evernote is supposed to generate note conflicts (they've never called themselves version management software); you wind up with two (or more) copies of the note. See e.g., http://evernote.com/contact/support/kb/#/article/23275623. So far, that's been my experience (using the Windows and Android clients, across several devices), when I've carelessly modified a note on different devices without having synced up properly (I'm usually pretty careful about that). If it's overwriting note content rather than generating a note conflict, I'd call that a bug. That would be what I had expected too - a conflicting copy to be saved (just like cloud-based apps like Dropbox do). At the bottom of the note it now says "Conflicting modification on", but the new entries I wrote from my PC are gone. I have now filled a support request.
  4. Or...the user can be diligent about syncing when moving between devices/computers. And BTW, there is a difference between note conflicts (which at least the Windows client addresses & I think the iOS client as well) vs updating a note with old info. Conflicts occur when the same note has been changed on different devices/computers within a very short period of time. But if you update a note from your iPad on Friday but don't sync it, then update that same note on the web client on Saturday, then sync your iPad on Sunday, that note you updated on Friday but didn't sync is considered a new modification & will overwrite the changes you made on Saturday. I do appreciate you taking the time to respond and help out, but at the moment you are coming off like someone who is defending Evernote at any cost. You don't seem to acknowledge that there is a fault (I would almost call it a bug) in the s/w and instead blaming it on the user. You can't expect the user to always be 'diligent' when using a product and to remember exactly which notes you have changed or not and when. The point of software is to do that for you and not allow the user to make such errors. And what if you don't have internet access on your iPad as you are about to open and edit a note? Before synching EN on iOS should check if the baseline (the version before the change) is the same as the note on the server. if not, it should not just overwrite it but either suggest a merge (like a proper version management software would) or at least save a conflicting copy (like Dropbox).
  5. I do understand Evernote does not do push, but that is not the main issue. The problem is Evernote has makes no attempt to solve or even warn about theseconflicts - instead it just overwrites! And as some users have posted this can be devastating. One simple solution would be simple saving a conflicting copy (just like Dropbox does!) and then let the user merge the two notes...
  6. Just wanted to report the exact same issue: 1. Edited the note on my iPad and closed it 2. Edited the note on my PC (Win 7) 3. Opened the iPad to view the note 4. Went back to my PC. The iPad had now overwritten the note from step 1. Note from step 2 is gone. Should I upgrade to premium just to be able to get my note back?
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