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  1. yes, good point. Ironically the problem email address isn't having any practical impact as it's something I only attempted to test sharing. Like you, I can add new and share with new user accounts without a problem so I'm rather puzzled about what has gone so awry with this particular email address. I shall log a support ticket.
  2. It's not possible to select the entry on its own when selecting 'Share Notebook'. Ticking the checkbox for 'User Name' selects all the other tickboxes at the same time. It isn't possible to select just 'User Name'. Furthermore, there is no option to delete an entry in the 'Share Notebook' dialogue. Pressing Delete or Backspace has no effect. If I investigate 'Modify Sharing', the problem email address dougien@balticmill.com is not displayed (attachment). However trying to share to this email address causes the errors described. This is on Windows. I've had similar lack of success in OSX and the web interface.
  3. Yes I think the 'User Name' box isn't helping although I don't know whether it's actually the root problem. Perhaps it's associated with the dougien@balticmill.com address. I can't see how to remove it. Repeating the Share Notebook (or Modify) process does not offer any options to remove email addresses.
  4. Sometimes when I try to share the notebook using the web interface, it accepts the email address, then gives the error: Sorry we couldn't send your chat, try again in a moment. but it's fine with other email addresses.
  5. I'm revisiting sharing notebooks, something I've done sparingly up until now. Of course it's all changed and it's all Work Chat now. I can remember when it was all fields. My scenario is to share a notebook from my premium account to a non-premium colleague. To test this I tried sharing the notebook from a Windows client using my home premium personal address to another email address - my Exchange one at work. I right-clicked on the notebook name, selected Share Notebook, and entered my work email address. This appeared to go ok although some of the terminology strikes me as a little odd; I don't want to chat, I want to share. But I guess that's just semantics. I checked my email account at work and found an email saying: Dougie Nisbet shared a notebook with you Dougie Nisbet is using chat to share work with you. Click below to read and reply to this chat. Reply in Evernote This was all looking quite promising so I clicked on the link and, as expected, had to create a new Free EN account. However, after doing that I could find no sign of the shared notebook. I tried repeating the process but that got a little messy and confusing and it wasn't at all clear if anything was being sent. I'd enter the email address again and click on Send and nothing would happen. So on a hunch I decided to try with a different (new) email address. I repeated the process, this time sharing the notebook with a gmail address I have. Same thing, got the email, clicked on the link, opened up a browser, created a new free EN account. And that worked just fine. I could see the notebook. So .... some sort of problem with the first (Exchange) email address then? Perhaps I'd mistyped or got something wrong that I was unaware off. I tried to repeat Sharing the notebook to the Exchange address but nothing would happen. No useful feedback, diagnostics, or activity I clicked on Send. (attachment 1) So I had a look at the Modify Sharing options. This doesn't recognise my exchange address, but does see my gmail address. (attachment 2) I tried Sending Reminder by clicking on the incongruous 'User Name' entry (it ticks itself) (attachment 3) only to get the slightly strange error that User Name is not an email address (attachment 4) Ok so I'm guessing at some sort of EN bug here. I switch if off and on again (I do work in tech support) but that doesn't fix it, so I'm out of ideas. Perhaps it's the platform? I try sharing it on my Mac - the OSX seems a bit cleaner and looks promising, but no email appears. On a hunch I log into my account on the web interface and try sharing the notebook from there. This gets a bit interesting when I enter the email address, producing the error "You have entered an invalid email address". (attachment 5). I'm not sure what's going on here but I suspect there's some corruption somewhere in my account in its treatment of the storage of the exchange email address. I've done some more tests with a couple of other accounts, setting up new free EN accounts and they're fine. As a final test I've just repeated the whole thing with a fresh Exchange address, tested it, and that's working fine! Right, (forgive me for showing the unreconstructed workings of my head but this has been driving me nuts all day and I'm trying to work through it all again methodically to reproduce it ...) So back to the original dodgy exchange address. (The one I want to work). I'm unable to reshare the notebook to it. Logging in to that account shows it can't see the notebook. In summary, I seem to have an email address that EN thinks is in the twilight zone. Can I delete it and start again? Thanks Dougie
  6. aha, Got it, thanks. How are you displaying your Notebook list? If I access the list via 'Jump to Notebooks' (Shift+Alt+N) EN shows a pop-up that appears to be just Recent (some items are shown more than twice), and my Trash notebook isn't there. However, if I configure EN to show the left panel (F10), which I don't normally have displayed as I quite like a clean minimalist layout, then the Notebooks section (with Trash at the bottom) is shown. That's the only way I can see to display the Notebook List though.
  7. I accidentally delete a note and tried to figure out how to get it back. It looks like it should have gone in my Trash Notebook. The problem is, I don't seem to have one. I understand from reading other postings around the subject that I should look at my Notebook list, scroll down, and at the end I should see a trash Notebook. I have about 12 Notebooks and the last one is Skitch. There's no Trash notebook. This is on Windows 7, newest version of Evernote. I've attached a screengrab of how my Notebook list looks. (or I thought I had, but the attachment hasn't appeared in the post).
  8. I asked the same question and the moderator (quite rightly) moved it to an IOS topic. I'm renaming text files to have a .txt suffix so they will open on my iPad. Probably best continued here: http://discussion.evernote.com/topic/50887-how-to-open-text-files-in-quickoffice-on-ios/
  9. Thanks for the info - I'll have a look at tOpener and possibly Officesuite Pro. I already have Quickoffice Pro so I'm reluctant to throw more money on more apps when I can get around it by adding .txt to the end of filename!
  10. Hopefully I'm not hijacking this old topic but it's the closest match I've been able to find to a similar issue I'm having. I synchronise a folder to Evernote using Dropbox. I have a few text configuration files that I synchronise in this way. A specific example is the /etc/hosts file from my linux server. In the desktop version of Evernote this opens fine as I can tell it to use notepad++, however on the iPad it won't open. None of the 'Open in' options appear to be useful. If I rename the hosts file to hosts.txt it opens fine in Quickoffice. Is there a way to open text files with no extension on the iPad using Quickoffice from within evernote? Thanks, Dougie
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