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  1. But, even when I was diligent, Evernote FAILED. Did you even read what my issue is or the order over events that triggered it? Just to recap: Friday 10/25/2013 - webclient accessed via http://evernote.com -Entered server note lines of text on a note throughout the day -Entered meeting notes into the same note towards the end of the day -Entered a few more lines of text @ day's end -ONLY TEXT NO SPECIAL FORMATTING Saturday 10/26/2013 - No interaction with Evernote Sunday 10/27/2013 - No interaction with Evernote Monday 10/28/2103 -Running late. -Need to join a conference call before I will arrive a the office -Idea: "Hey, I'll just dial in from the car and I can discuss the meeting details that I recorded in evernote on Friday by accessing it via my iPhone app" --iOS 7, latest version of Evernote -Open evernote -Check the Last Synchronized date, and it was a few minutes prior to my check -Click "Sync Now" because I want to ensure that I REALLY have my data (and to ensure that THIS EXACT situation does not occur) -Open note I was working in on Friday (for the first time on my iPhone app - EVER) -THEN..... ---THE NOTE DATA FROM FRIDAY WAS GONE--- TLDR: There's a sync BUG in the iOS app! BurgersNFries - Your signature states that you are not affiliated with Evernote. So, if you are unable to offer some factual, technical information that could be used as a potential work around and/or a bug fix... Why do you keep trolling this thread?
  2. I ONLY use the web client when not on my iPhone. So based on the BurgersNFries explanation of how the sync process works, my note content that I took during my meeting WAS stored on the server on Friday. However, when I opened the iPhone app and relied on the sync date AND a performed a MANUAL note sync... My note data from Friday was still lost. My main issues is that even when I carefully follow standard synchronization guidelines my data has been lost. At this point, I can't reply on the iPhone app. BTW, BurgersNFries -- I would suggest that you try out Trello for your grocery list. Just my $0.02.
  3. Similar issue this morning. Running late to the office, and joined a conf call. Needed to access notes from Friday for the call. So, I opened the evernote app on iPhone. Checked sync status in settings, and it was a few minutes earlier... THEN I manually ran another sync to ensure that I didn't have THIS EXACT ISSUE. Open the note that I need for my conf call... guess what: NO NOTE INFO from Friday. Get to office, open evernote.... guess what: The iphone had overwritten everything from Friday. I submitted a ticket, and just thought I'd post a new post to keep this thread alive. Now, I'm very torn. I would gladly pay for evernote. I have been using it for years, but never really needed the features of the paid version. So, I let premium lapse years ago, but I would gladly pay for the server.... However, I don't think I'm willing to pay to fix an obvious and ongoing bug.
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