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  1. Hello i updated to version 3.1.1 on iPhone on adding captions, there is a skitch logo on the right corner side how can i remove that, any settings that i may not be aware of I am an EN premium user
  2. Hello I am a premium user, sharing a notebook with a non premium user my question is: what if i share a audio note whose size is 80 mb will the non premium user still be able to access/read/download/edit as well? considering their monthly limit is only 60 mb will it in some way count toward their monthly limit also or only mine? but again, how can they sync and see the 80 mb note when their limit is only 60 mb? can someone please clarify on this aspect of sharing, thank you
  3. @ Joe its been a few days havnt heard on the pending issue of 'unable to save' in the markup pdf feature
  4. @Joe Happy to help part one of the problem has been discovered part two remains - unable to save the document (annotated), as also described by rbianchi
  5. Joe, thank you for a prompt reply i became a premium member just 2 months back & this was my first post am collecting more observations & feedback, will post all together in few days am using Skitch Version 2.7 (263181) Yes, i am talking about pdfs attached (added) in the note itself for eg: i have a note containing 9 pdfs Yes, am talking about clicking the mark-up icon Yes, am talking about the mark-up icon only (not the quick view) like i said before - clicking on mark-up icon randomly opens the pdf in Preview Mac App, and sometimes opens it correctly in the mark-up feature RANDOM :-) No, it never opens in the mac Skitch app by randomly i mean - either Preview app or the Mark-up feature actually, i never use the mac skitch app separately since the mark-up feature in EN is a brilliant idea it just needs to work properly :-) if this info helps - i downloaded & bought Evernote from mac app store (and not direct download)
  6. Yes, the same problem and a little more of erratic behaviour i open a pdf to annotate by clicking the skitch icon available in the pdf doc, not top right firstly, it behaves erratic, sometimes it opens in the builtin skitch and sometimes in mac Preview app (which means u can't edit in skitch) i keep clicking the skitch icon few times, it keeps opening in Preview and then randomly would open in skitch i then annotate a 15 page pdf, then click the cross mark on top left to close and save i get a pop up - unable to save pdf closes, all annotations lost sometimes is able to save with annotations erratic in two ways - opening in skitch/Preview save/unable to save i am on EN Version 5.4.1 (402012) Macbook Pro / 10.8.5
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