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  1. So, if I can get regular marketing emails from Evernote, why not a warning about updating to ios8 on ipads if it is a known problem? Just curious.
  2. Fought with this issue on my iPad for days thinking it was was me. EVERNOTE support WHERE ARE YOU!?!??!??! If i delete and reinstall the app, then I will lose all my notes that I was able to create in Evernote that REFUSE to sync. Evernote support said copy and paste and create a new note. Well, golly gee, the cut and paste doesn't work either. And, ALL NOTES, I repeat ALL NOTES created since installation of ios8 will not sync, so what good does creating a new note do? Ticket #794653
  3. This is what is so crazy. I received an email from her and saw that it was a Word doc and said "No, I need your evernote note". She said "I just sent it!" I walked over to her and I re-sent the note from her ipad and it came to my email as a Word doc attachment exactly as it had the first time!?!? She is a brand new user and has no idea how/why this is happening. She downloaded evernote and this may even have been her first note!
  4. A friend of mine just started to use Evernote on her ipad. She emailed me one of her notes. It came into my email as an attachment that was a Word doc. This is a very happy thing and I want to recreate this strategy, but cannot figure out what her settings are that permit this and what I need to do so that my notes send as Word doc email attachments. I am a premium user. When I email a note, the contents of the note are the body of the email. Thanks.
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