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  1. Yeah... no bueno on Mac. DTLow's AppleScript solution is rather elegant—kudos for the share there : )—albeit should not really be necessary to script around the issue, imho. Has anyone figured out if this is a technical limitation or a philosophical one? i.e. early/foundational code prevents implementation of granular/non-global sort or more a matter of the brass deciding on-high that users *should not be able to* sort as such? I can only imagine what a headache it is to essentially re-write the entire base to fix such a fundamental issue (and we appreciate the valiant efforts if that's w
  2. Agreed and seconded (second-hundred/thousand-ed?). As implemented in various other apps and OSes such as Mac Finder and Windows Explorer windows, specific and persistent (saved) sorting really is a necessity and would be greatly appreciated and highly utilized. Please please please and as soon as humanly or elephantly possible.
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