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  1. Yeah... no bueno on Mac. DTLow's AppleScript solution is rather elegant—kudos for the share there : )—albeit should not really be necessary to script around the issue, imho. Has anyone figured out if this is a technical limitation or a philosophical one? i.e. early/foundational code prevents implementation of granular/non-global sort or more a matter of the brass deciding on-high that users *should not be able to* sort as such? I can only imagine what a headache it is to essentially re-write the entire base to fix such a fundamental issue (and we appreciate the valiant efforts if that's what's happening behind the scenes, sincerely) but I'm interested to know what the root level cause(s) are if anyone has the time, info or inclination.
  2. Agreed and seconded (second-hundred/thousand-ed?). As implemented in various other apps and OSes such as Mac Finder and Windows Explorer windows, specific and persistent (saved) sorting really is a necessity and would be greatly appreciated and highly utilized. Please please please and as soon as humanly or elephantly possible.
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