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  1. Skitch is getting sometimes very slow, while I am annotate a pdf. Did this happen to other people, if yes any solutions?
  2. Are there plans, that it will be possible to annotate encrypted pdf's in the future? Is there a work around?
  3. same here. It would be great to annotate pdfs in penultimate or skitch by hand, I don't care which program, but it would of added value. Philipp
  4. as mentioned above, i have the same problem with several pdf files, all made by other parties. If it helps, find the file under below link: https://www.evernote.com/shard/s290/sh/f5b07ff5-b121-43cc-a8f0-a6202a54a8a5/52d0e8b89cdae3f186dcaa06e3bea8de Thanks for looking into it.
  5. I habe exactly the same problem in a pdf file. It works a couple of times, but then I get the message of "unable to save". This means a lot work is gone. Afterwards it is not possible to make any changes. I contacted the customer service, bit only got a lame answer.....
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