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  1. It would be wonderful to have this functionality in Scannable or native support within Evernote as I would use it regularly. Instead I'm using the suggested "workaround" by PinkElephant above (Microsoft's Office Lens.)
  2. Thanks - Will leverage at the next trade show presentation!
  3. I'm curious it is possible to instead of taking photos/scans, but leverage an existing photo in the camera roll as an input to Scannable to leverage it's scale/reshape tools. The application: I attend trade shows and find the presented powerpoints useful. The actual presentation materials are not physically shared with the audience, just projected. Sitting in the audience I take the photo and have a number of slides in my camera roll. The majority of these are trapezodial and would love to leverage scannable to reform the image like it would normally. Then take several of these images to produce an output PDF. Please let me know if this is possible. (or if anyone knows of a good app to take a set of photos of presented slides to reform and make a PDF.) Then I would love to save the OCR'd PDF to Evernote. Thanks, Daren
  4. I understand this MR has a lower priority as there is a work around, but the behavior is challenging and let me outline it again: Two different dialog boxes are presented when saving attachments: When right-clicking an attachment within a note and selecting Save As... a standard window dialog comes up (behavior as expected.) Choosing File -> Save Attachments shows a non-standard windows dialog box. Maybe there's a good reason for this, it's just unexpected, and harder to navigate with the non-standard box. The work around is to leverage the first option, but when a note has a lot of attachments it's more difficult, or use the second option and click through to find your path. Using the second option is hard as I simply cannot type in a path, and am forced to navigate a long directory structure with a mouse. I'm hoping that this is clear and the team prioritizes appropriately.
  5. Do you think this would be a valid MR? Lower priority, but it is a pain and would help users.
  6. Jeff, You're correct - thanks for the clarity. If I right click in the note that occurs. However it seems the audio clips sometimes don't show up in the note and maybe that is why that menu is appearing vs. the menu with save as when you click directly on an item. In this case where a user selects "Save attachments...", this is really where I'd prefer a different behavior than what is presented. The dialog that comes up is "Browse for Folder" vs. the standard windows dialog of "Save as". I understand that there's a bit of difference in function (save multiple files vs. one file) but to the user, you have to navigate all they way down to your folder from the root, vs. having the last save spot from the standard save as dialog.
  7. When right-clicking to "Save As" an audio file (have not tried with other items like photos/pdfs) I actually get two different menus to choose actions - although both have "Save As". Once I select "Save As" I am given two different dialog boxes. Once defaults to the root drive and provides no ability to type a path in - seems to be a custom build dialog. The other looks like a default windows save as dialog which is more useful, showing common locations, and bringing up the last save location. The action is intermittent and I cannot easily reproduct one or the other. Typcially the correct dialog box shows. Windows 7 SP1 (64-Bit) Evernote (274507) Public Intel Core i7-4600U @ 2.1GHz / 10GB Ram - Seems the file size limitation does not allow me to upload all four screenshots of the different behaviors
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