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  1. Has anyone resolved this? I am unable to save any templates. Evernote is a great tool but so buggy! Every time I browse templates it takes me to the web client in which I have to login again then, browse the templates again and when click save, it fails. I tried the web and desktop versions on MacOS Mojave, the web version does not leave me logged in when trying to browse templates. If I log in it takes me back to evernote (out of context) then I keep going backwards and forwards between trying to remain logged and saving a template. Please fix your UX and front-end!
  2. Thanks but it is not the answer I wanted :-) I got dozens of notebooks to delete. I don't understand why there is not a function to enable to multiselect + delete option.
  3. I have seen this question asked in a couple of topics but without answers. How do you delete multiple notebooks in Evernote? (Desktop on MAC)
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