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  1. It is still possible to open a support ticket but this ability is well hidden on the Web site. Here's what it says about support: Get Support If you’re having trouble with Evernote, check out the articles in Help & Learning or get assistance from other Evernote users in our discussion forums. Evernote Premium and Business customers can also access additional support options. This implies that only higher-tier users have access to direct customer service. Simply sleazy. The option for all customers to open a ticket should be prominently noted on the Support page. Apple has been no help in all of this. Evernote Support answered my E-mail inquiry and outlined a solution that does not work. Utter failure.
  2. Yes, I spent far too much time on the phone with Apple about this problem and also posted here about it. Support options from Evernote itself are appallingly poor. What a mess. It's simply inexcusable. All the people in charge are totally clueless. I just want to upgrade from Plus to Personal. I want to actually give them more money but they can't process the transaction..
  3. I have an Evernote Plus subscription through the Apple iTunes Store. Before you refer me to Apple, please be advised that I have spoken extensively with them already and they are unable to help me. My annual subscription renewed recently at about the same time as you shuffled your product line and removed the customer service functionality from your Web site. I want to upgrade to an annual subscription to Evernote Personal. If I try to do this on my iPhone, I’m offered only the choice of a monthly subscription. Furthermore, the iPhone app does not explain what would happen to my existing Evernote Plus subscription if I were to choose a monthly Personal subscription. Would the Personal subscription start approximately a year from now, when my Plus subscription expires? Or would the Personal subscription begin to run immediately, so that I would be paying for a Plus and Personal subscription at the same time, which I obviously don’t want? All of this makes no sense whatsoever. Please help.
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