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  1. I am a BIG fan of the Evernote "To Do" Checkbox feature, & I use it daily. LOVE that I can search for my notes for all UNCHECKED items! I also use the handwritten note upload, taking photos of things I've jotted down that need to be added to my notebooks. What I'm wondering ... is there any thing / tool / way that I can mark or flag a note when I write it so that on upload Evernote will automatically create the "To Do" checkbox -- in the vain of character recognition just that I want it to "recognize" that this note contains a "To Do" item as well. Willing to use whatever is necessary to do this ... I have iOS devices, both Mac & Windows platforms (client versions) on computers and a Premium account. From Moleskine to Penultimate & even Livescribe ... I will use whatever it takes! Thanks for any ideas of suggestions. Pamela
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