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  1. I have the same problem, but found a workaround: 1. Export a map from Mindjet for Android as file, and create a new note in Evernote 2. open the map-attachment in Evernote with Mindjet for Android 3. After you edited the mindmap, you have to use the "export" function of Mindjet for Android again, and create a new note with the mindmap attached. This way, you will not loose your modifications. I store my mindmaps in Dropbox. If I do the work-process like described, Mindjet for Android will sync my modifications also into Dropbox. The problem that I see is that Evernote for Android uses the cached file instead of the "real" one. It will save the modifications once, but not if I do further ones. I assume the reason to be that I can only open the attached mindmap-file by clicking on "View" instead of "Edit", since I can only choose Mindjet for Android after clicking on "View". If someone found a better explanation or workaround, I would very much appreciate an answer! Thanks!
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