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  1. I confirm that ExportNote v1.1.9 (released in October 2016) had incompatibility issues with the latest version of Evernote for Mac. We fixed the issue in ExportNote v1.1.10 (released in January 2017) after Robin's bug report. Thanks, Robin!
  2. Right, Evernote's export option is pretty limited. Here are two screenshots I took after exporting some of my data with ExportNote.
  3. I would also suggest to check out ExportNote. It can export all your notes to HTML and/or PDF, including attachments and non-synchronized/local notebooks: http://www.exportnote.com. It also preserves the organization in stack -> notebook -> note. Mandatory disclaimer: I'm the developer of ExportNote. I built this application after realizing there was no easy and reliable way to export all my data with in single click. Feel free to contact me if you have any question or request of feature!
  4. Hi All, I hope you're having a great weekend. The last few months have been particularly eventful for ExportEvernote ExportNote: new features, new website, many bug fixes, and a new name! Thank you all for your amazing support and great ideas. The new version of ExportNote now includes: Batch export PDF for both Mac and Windows Option to select the notebook(s) to export Option to export attributes (tags, creation time, update time, etc.) Better support of non-english locales Many bug fixes You can download the app today on: http://www.exportnote.co
  5. Hi All, I'm happy to announce the first release of ExportEvernote Premium for Mac: the first version of ExportEvernote that can export notes to HTML and PDF in a single click! It is available right now on our website (http://www.exportevernote.com/). Happy download A PC version is coming soon...
  6. Thanks all for your support. This is really motivating! I just released a new version of the app (Mac and Windows) that includes many bug fixes and a new simplified UI. You can get it today on http://www.exportevernote.com/. I will try to find some time during the summer to add the export to PDF! @aysla: thanks for the suggestion, I don't see any problem adding the meta-data in the next version
  7. A windows version is now available on the website: http://www.exportevernote.com/. I hope you'll like it. @Chad and dagardc: Thanks for your support @Panzerkampfwagen: I started to write this application to export my notes in a hierarchical way "stack->notebook->note". As far as I know, Evernote doesn't support this feature and stores all the notes inside a same directory.
  8. Thanks all for your patience. I just published a first beta version for mac users on the website. Please don't hesistate to report any bug and suggest new features A windows version will come soon. http://www.exportevernote.com/
  9. Alright, I created a quick website to see if there is any interest beyond this forum: http://www.exportevernote.com. I will try to release a first version before the end of the year
  10. Thanks for your feedback gazumped. Since Evernote already uses plain text files to store notes, exporting all the data to HTML shouldn't take more space than Evernote's own directory on your hard drive. However PDF could be significantly larger. Regarding your own DB, it's not easy to say, it depends on the way the data is encoded/compressed... If size is an issue, I guess you could export all the notes in HTML and ZIP the whole directory. This could also be an interesting feature to add.
  11. Hello all Evernote lovers, I am just curious if anyone would be interested in an offline application to export and backup all your notes from Evernote to HTML/PDF. No monthly fee, no complex process, no need to share your password with anyone. Just a simple application to export your data in one click. I wrote a very simple tool for my personal needs and I will be happy to share a first beta version and add a few features if needed. Pleae let me know if you are interested Cheers, Jerome
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