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  1. Hello. I just upgraded Evernote on one of my PC (Win10) and I'm annoyed with this auto-correct feature transforming * into bullets. I use * to mark lines that require corrections. Please provide a way to turn this down. In the meantime, I will not upgrade Evernote on my other PCs. BTW: Thank you for developing such a useful tool.
  2. Hello, Evernote is becoming too slow to be used any longer. It takes seconds to update a single keystroke, so it's unusable. I'm using Evernote on Windows (7, 8 and 8.1), iPad 3 and Samsung Note 2 Android, and the problem is the same across these plateforms. Being a Premium User doesn't help. When browsing the discussion forum, it seems that the problem has been around for a long time and Evernote doesn't manage to solve it. What's next for users like me? Frederic
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