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  1. Thanks to gazumped and DTLow for correcting my errors when posting to this forum. I'll know where to post next time. I am using 7.14. This search does not work in my Legacy 7.14 desktop install. My install is through the Mac App Store; I just stopped it from updating to v10.4.4 as I also use Evernote for Windows on my work laptop which is still on the legacy version.
  2. Replying to this topic to bump it up. Is anyone else having a problem with mac desktop evernote not executing an advanced search like this?
  3. The following search string works on the web: created:20151206 -created:20151207 With that search, I see the only document that was created on Dec 6, 2015. However, that search does not return anything on the Evernote desktop. In fact, the "created:yyyymmdd -created:yyyymmdd" does not work AT ALL in the desktop. What's going on? Is something clogged? Do I need to reset something?
  4. I'm running Sierra (10.12.6) and EN 6.13.1 (App Store). I have a note I created in 2015 that contains a table, with each cell containing the name and address of people I sent xmas cards to that year. I want to print this note out and check off each name as I send them cards this year. When I press Cmd+P or select File>Print Note, the print preview is blank! When I select to print the note to pdf and open that, it is blank! But the table is there! I can select it and manipulate it. I searched the forum but did not find an exact description of this issue. What I can do is copy and paste the table into Word and print that out, but -- really?? Seriously?? What can I do to get Evernote to recognize the table and print it out? (It prints out other notes, even notes with formatting, just fine.)
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