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  1. Personally, I don't care who is leaving as I'm not using Evernote for other users.
  2. Hi, I'd like to know more about sharing notes unfortunately I couldn't find relevant answers on Knowledgebase. Things I'd like to know: Do I have to be plus or premium user to share a note, receiving party is not Evernote user they need to see the note itself not a login page. I annotated a single page on a PDF document, then shared this annotation note. I tried to access this note from a web browser that I haven't logged in as Evernote user. Result is disastrious. It's loading entire PDF file (24Mb) and my annotation shown on top of it. How can I share only my annotation not the entire pdf? Ps. It's also not showing the annotation or PDF by default, showing an attachment icon and then the note is visible: If I go plus or premium, can I disable Evernote related messages shown to receiving party? Such as login page, pop-up message etc. Example: Thank you.
  3. I just came here to say I'm not buying a premium subscription unless they bring Evenote to linux. Been 4 years I use Evernote everyday, year is 2015 still no linux version? Unacceptable.
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