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  1. So this is what I learned. You can create a Business Notebook (under the Business name) on the web, in about 2 seconds. I still can't create an accessible business notebook via the Mac desktop app. They seem to default to "my" business notebooks. I also could NOT share the notebook I did create on my Mac with the business. I could share it with people (email) or via a public link. Ms'behavin' - you're correct. The Library is on the web and not on the app. Too bad -- since I use the app considerably more than I use the web version.
  2. Thanks for the reply. When I go to create a new notebook, I get "personal," "business," or "local." Nothing to indicate that it will be seen by the community. I have created notebooks (business), and it seems to me I had to share (or copy over) everything for people to see. I just created a test business notebook, and it's not listed where the community could access it (and I can't see it on the company side either). I must be doing something wrong.
  3. Hi all. The company I work with just implemented Evernote for Business. I am able to access their Evernote through mine. I've been trying to create a Notebook for everyone (that should display in the Library), but all I seem to be doing is adding things to *my* own "business" notebook. I am not an admin. As the Content Manager, I am trying to create a notebook that will contain all of our content (new and past), and I don't want to create it in my notebook and then copy it over. Surely, there is a way to do this. I tried to find this topic via search and was unable to find an answer. My apologies if this is a redundant question/topic. Also, (Mac & PC user here), why can't I see the Library? Thanks in advance for any assistance. Sherree
  4. Hi. I would love the link to apply to be an Ambassador for Evernote. I met a number of them at the recent Evernote Conference (really nice folks) and liked how diverse everyone was. I teach small business owners (and other professionals) how to use EN for personal and business use. Thanks in advance! Sherree
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