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  1. Yes, I'm having the same issues, but it's with the web client on Chrome. But all of the sudden I can't use it on Chrome. I'm assuming that Chrome had an update and that's what broke it.
  2. Nope, if I turn off my VPN and use my home network, I get the same symptoms.
  3. Work machine - see "Lack of selective synch" as to why I don't have the app installed.
  4. 99% of the requests are applicable to both Windows and Mac - I want the same selective synch feature on Windows. Right now I have to use the web-app (which is better than one-note, but still sucks). Why does evernote seem to treat it's windows client and it's mac client as 2 COMPLETELY different products, with completely different user bases? If I have an issue I seem to have to make a comment and vote on the Mac side, and then search for the same issue on the Windows side, and then make another comment there.
  5. I am having the exact same desire (other than the fact that I'm on Windows). I'd like evernote to be like dropbox where I can say, "Hey on this computer, only work with and see this one notebook, do NOT under ANY conditions synch or show me documents in any other notebook when I'm on THIS computer." I can do that on Dropbox - I'd like to do it on evernote.
  6. Troy Since I wrote that, I've become a big fan of tags. Tags are crazy powerful, but there is a learning curve. The article the really got me started was https://michaelhyatt.com/evernote-tags/ Malcolm
  7. if anyone knows of an existing feature request similar to this, please let me know and I will delete this and up vote theirs. My search for the term "Search for special characters" turned up no results, so I created this request.
  8. Currently it is not possible to search for special characters like (pretty much any symbol other than the underscore) I have used special characters like $, %, ^, &, *, @, and # as part of my tag system and would like to be able to search for them. This came to my attention when I found that I can not search for all of my notes dealing with the programming language C# (I got back every file that had the letter "C" in it)
  9. So when does this drop on the windows edition, I've got on my desktop, and would like my tag management screen back. It wasn't perfect (in fact it could use some work) but it was 2 dimensional, which is one more that we have now.
  10. +1 I've got a small ton of tag sets that go together in different combinations For example $reading .actionable .leisure .lists >catch up on stories (the subject is reading, the list is actionable, it's a leisure note, it's also a list, and it's a someday maybe that I'll want to check where things are. So I've got a list for serial stories, I'd like to be able to use the same list of tags for webcomics, and e versions of comic books Thing is, that I don't want to have to go to the list of tags and find them all, I don't want to have to get them from a drop down list I don't want to have to remember all of the tags that go with this note I just want to mindlessly copy and paste the tags from an existing note, to a new note. From there I can add or subtract individual tags that reflect the current state of the new note. I'm sure that I could have a template, but then I'd end up way more templates than I want to have, *and* I'd rather just have the functionality. A simple (in my mind) solution is to be able to press a "show tags as text) (one field, some kind of separator) and be given a text string view of the tags, be able to copy that, and then be able to paste it to the next note. Then I can un-click the "show tags as text" button and pooof, it's done.
  11. +10 I'm a relatively new user and already I'm running into situations where I would I'd like to tell evernote: "please do not EVER these notes on a search, unless I specifically ask to see things in the archive" I'd also like to do this with tags. I've got event tags, some of them for event last year, and many upcoming events. I'd like my "archived" tags to not show up in my tag list unless I select "show all tags" I get that I can do a negative search, but I'd have to do that for all of my searches and the level of friction it adds in non-trivial.
  12. Here are my 3 requests 1) be able to re-order the images inside of a merged set 2) be able to un-merge the set at a later date (currently the only solution for this is "don't merge them in the first place") 3) I'd also like the ability to remove a single image out a merged set Right now, I don't use the merge feature because working with images in evernote is agonizing.
  13. I hate the idea (and it just may work perfectly for my situation) but it makes a ton of sense, thanks. Right now I'm in the process of putting TONS of stuff in evernote, and trying to spread it out so I can see it all at the same time, or conversely chunk it down. Bottom line, is I'm giving myself the year to get some level of mastery with Evernote and I'm intending to accomplish that, you all here in the forums are helping out a ton. Thanks
  14. Thank you both. I *am* new and I'm still getting used to how things work in evernote. Thanks for the reminder on the limited number of notebooks. There was an article I saved off recently about using tags to organize evernote, looks like I'm going to have to move that reading closer to the top of my list.
  15. I'm running into something that I can't figure out. I have a new note sitting in in. I look at the note and think, "Ohh, I need to create a new notebook for this in the XYZ stack" I expect that when I click "Move Note to Notebook" that the dialog would have a "Create new Notebook" (possibly by right clicking on a stack) (For windows, it's like when you save a file, and the dialog box has a "new directory" button - I use this feature just about every time I save a file) Work flow I want If this feature doesn't exist then I'm left with my current work flow which is 1) open note, ask "what is this" 2) decide, (if it's not trash) where to put it (in this case in a new notebook that doesn't exist) 3) use "Move Note to Notebook" to create the notebook I want and save the note there., If this feature doesn't exist then I'm left with my current work flow which is 1) open note, ask "what is this" 2) decide, (if it's not trash) where to put it (in this case in a new notebook that doesn't exist) 3) mentally exit the inbox and go find the stack I want to create a new notebook in. 4) create the new notebook 5) go back to the inbox and find the note I was looking at 6) use "Move Note to Notebook" find the notebook I just created 6) or drag the note to the newly created notebook Please tell me there is already a way to get the workflow I want.
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