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  1. Hi, I quite agree that the new version is jarring. The serif fonts and the patterned interface disrupt my focus when I switch between (any) productivity apps from apple. Could we change the font to something more iOS 7 and get rid of the distracting pattern? My list of notebooks feels hard to navigate at least the old interface used space to display more, perhaps if the edit let me organize the display level. Putting a' sand dashes in front of names to reorder notebooks feels like an ancient unnecessary technique. I am sure the functionality is all there but losing search instead of announcements I don't need (often if ever) is sure a waste, I feel the interface has squashed up the notes/notebook area into a minimal space and devoted the most valuable stuff (very top and bottom) to pushing stiff at me I seldom need and want instead of stuff I need... Like search. Please provide an option to customize the display to be more iOS 7 esthetically, this is just plain hard to look at. Cheers
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