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  1. Thank you Chris. What I don't understand is how, as a notebook creator AND and admin, I have almost zero control over the notebook once it has been shared to the library. I can't believe this is normal and indeed I don not think it is. As a test I have rebuilt a notebook that was shared into the library, deleted the original (using the admin console) and then shared the new notebook. Now when I right click and choose Share Notebook I am given the option to edit settings and, although I can't unshare it, sadly, I can at least change the permissions of others. I guess there must have been some kind of bug when I was originally sharing notebooks. I was having syncing errors then so perhaps that was the problem. Anyway, my slightly ranty points above still stand Martin
  2. Thanks, that is an excellent thread. I wonder about the fact that Evernote seems to be confused about who is the creator/owner of the notebooks I have published into the Business Library though. Would be interesting to see if anyone else has experienced that.
  3. Hi All, I'm an EN Business Admin and have created and shared a few notebooks to trial. Of the many problems I have encountered (dealt with elsewhere on these forums by many others!) one is particularly irritating. When I right click on a business notebook (that I have created an shared into the library) in the left panel (ie not in the library console) I am given the option to LEAVE the notebook and no option to UNSHARE it from the Library. Anyone else have this? When I click properties the dialogue box says the notebook was shared by *MyBusinessName* and not me! When I go to the admin console online it says that i am the contact person for the notebook (not *MyBusinessName*) and I am allowed to delete the notebook entirely, but not to remove it (I know this has been dealt with elsewhere). In the Business Library Console (inside Evernote desktop) I am listed as the owner of the notebook but right clicking does nothing (no pop up). First I find all this very weird and wondered if I'm alone. Second (and listen up Evernote because a lot of people are really fed up with this) - as an admin I need more control over notebooks that are going into the library, especially if I am the notebook owner! Any help appreciated. Peace out!
  4. This is a MASSIVE flaw in the design of this otherwise excellent product and it has caused me (as a very small business owner) huge problems already. It's bot just about being able to have consistency across the workforce, it's about being able to adapt and change notebook names as your business changes over time. Combine this with not being able to share stacks... well it just seems crazy. Please realise that 95% of businesses out there manage their information networks centrally and don't want to work in the way that Evernote offices clearly do!
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