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  1. Just adding my voice to the forum. I completely agree that nested stacks would be amazingly useful. I know that many EN users will say "That's boring." or "You need to get over the directory/subdirectory thing and use tags.", but nested stacks would be useful for tag users or non-tag users. I need to be able to file things quickly. I collect so much random data throughout my day: pictures, one sentence notes, voice clips, whatever, and then at the end of the day I sort it into the appropriate notebook. Sure tagging works well, but sometimes I want to see all of my notes (tagged explicitly for the notebook or not) contained within one notebook. Sure, other times I want to see all relevant tagged info, but having a notebook view is more convenient for me. I just really feel that having nested stacks would be a great feature for those of us that are less tag-oriented. That being said, I LOVE Evernote, and the team has done an AMAZING job creating a product I use every day, and they even make it viable to use for free with minimal advertisement. Thank you.
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