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  1. I am an Apple guy all the way, I've just never tried pasting an icon into a tag. I'll give it a try. Thanks.
  2. Using A-Z as a top level is a thought. I'll consider it. Interesting that you got icons inside the tag names? Is that a Mac option? First time I've seen it. Thanks.
  3. Thanks for the confirmation. Yes, you could collapse the parent tags in the sidebar, but there are hundreds of those for me, so it's still pretty unwieldy. Also, since you can nest tags in a deep hierarchy if you want, unlike the 2 level notebook-stack system, it would be even better if you could continue to drill down. Would love to see nested tags we can intentionally drag into the sidebar, like stacked notebooks, and be able to expand/collapse them as needed.
  4. Nesting tags is a great organizational feature but it would be much more powerful if selected tag hierarchies could be added to the shortcut sidebar just as nested folders are. I know you can see them in the Tags Sidebar, but if you have thousands of tags, which I do, it's impractical. It would useful, say, to drag an "Action" tag hierarchy, with a dozen tags, to the sidebar and be able to collapse and expand it to access the individual tags. This seems so obvious, I'm wondering if it's possible and I just can't see it. Any ideas?
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