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  1. +1 I also think code hightlighting is very very important for me. Currently I just use gist.github.com + GistBox + gist-vim to collect my code snippets. Actually the people around me (most are coders) use wiznote rather than Evernote, because wiznote's Windows version supports Markdown (Actually it is not implemented by official developers. wiznote has custom plug-in interface, and some geeks develop this amazing Markdown plug-in.). Of course if Markdown is supported, code highlighting can also be done. However, I use MAC OS X and wiznote's MAC version is really rough. I use the amazing Evernote to record all my things, but not code. I understand the Evernote tend to meet the needs of the majority, rather than coders. But I strongly request Evernote native client support custom plug-in. As far as I know, there are some users switch Evernote to wiznote because users can add different plug-ins to meet the needs of them, ranther than Evernote do--let the minority yield to the majority. Actually the majority may have their own needs, too. Maybe Evernote's current feature only meet the full needs of the minority. If Evernote support custom plug-in, I would be happy to develop a Markdown plug-in for it.
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