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  1. For the benefit of the forum moderators who report customer comments to Evernote -- I strongly agree that full indexing of file names is needed. If I'm searching for all notes and documents related to my boat, I want a simple search to return all documents or pictures which include "boat" in their name, not just those with the word in the content. If I filed an invoice for electical supplies used to upgrade the helm, it might be named "boat wiring invoice" or something similar. The content will likely not include the word "boat" but I would still want a search to offer it to me for review. I could of course take the time to tag each and every document, but the word search concept -- and Evernote as a marvelous product in general -- are supposed to relieve, not add, to the overhead burden of entering data. Similarly, the ability to run an entirely separate search on filenames, with its own set of restrictive parameters (see e.g. the prior post discussing "little_sister_wedding_cake" and trying to find "wedding"-related notes and documents) is not a reasonable alternative, and certainly not a convenient one. If there are concerns that some uses of EN might want to exclude document names from the index, then make it a selectable option. But please at least make it an option for those of us who depend on the metatdata labeling already in our documents as part of the names they were given.
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