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  1. One of my primary frustrations for Evernote is that it doesn't look the same everywhere. I don't even have the same font choices between the web interface and the Mac interface. That's a bit bothersome by itself, but what makes it much worse is that I will select all the text in a note on my Mac and format it to the same font face and size, and then when I look at the same note on the web interface, different paragraphs are in different font faces/sizes! How frustrating. I'm constantly wasting time by reformatting between the two interfaces. Please fix this so they are consistent, thank you.
  2. True. Right now I just delete it altogether, or don't use checkboxes in the first place. But I'm a speed/minimal effort standing between me and getting things done guy, and a real To Do app will do all this stuff for me and make rearranging tasks quicker and easier as well. This feature isn't make or break for Evernote as a whole, but would inspire me to do more actual task management within its environment. But thank you for the tip! I didn't actually know the keyboard shortcut for strikethrough.
  3. One of the main reasons I don't use Evernote as a main to do list app is that checking off the checkbox next to an item doesn't visually distinguish it from the rest of the list (other than the checkmark itself, of course). I find it difficult to see what is completed and what remains to be done when glancing at a to do list in a note. I think it would be great if checking a box automatically grayed out (or visually distinguished in some other way) the line of text immediately following it. I understand there's probably never going to be a way to "clear completed tasks" in this app, but this would be very helpful in my opinion for seeing what still needs to be done at a glance.
  4. All right folks. I thank you all for your ideas and answers. I think we're done here I agree it does actually make a little more sense to have Evernote open in a tab. The only reasons I was asking for a different solution were: 1. The Evernote Chrome extension actually used to have a quicknote feature as I recall. 2. Call me slightly paranoid (a fair assessment), I just personally prefer not to have my personal Evernote open at all times on my work computer. Just a preference. OK, nothing more to see here, let's move along to other people who actually need help... Haha.
  5. Oh interesting--the bookmark itself won't have anything to do with it, but at least it's a solution. Thanks!
  6. All very reasonable suggestions Thanks for the tips!
  7. While I love the web clipper, there seems to be a feature that they got rid of that I used to use a lot. I recall a previous version of web clipper gave the option of creating a note quickly directly from the extension. I'd love to be able to do this, since when I'm at work I can't sign into Evernote the app, but I can sign in on my browser. If I have a quick thought and want to make a note, I have to open the Evernote web interface, wait for it to load, then click Add Note, etc. Anyone know of any Chrome extensions where I can just click once on an icon and instantly create a note?
  8. @gazumped Thanks for the tip! I will definitely look into that.
  9. Oh interesting--so if I'm reporting a bug it does let me go through to a support person. OK, well that's better than nothing I suppose! At least I can get support when I'm paying. A tad disconcerting that not all options in the dropdown allow me to go through. Thank you for the info!
  10. I like having a uniformity to my notes, and I'm sure most people are like me and have various headings. While obviously not a dealbreaker, it would be really awesome if I could specify what would essentially be <h1> <h2> etc with font, size, color, style etc rather than having to manually assign all those attributes each time I want a header in a note. Just a thought!
  11. I went to send an email to Evernote as I have several times before (for a feature request in this case) and I see a note that says only Premium members can send emails to the EN support team. Now, on the one hand I don't mind so much that a free user doesn't have the option to contact support. But I am a Plus member (previously a Premium and grateful for the new tier system for my needs), which means I pay real, actual money to Evernote. And still I can't email for a little help if I need it? That's a little messed up. Maybe Premium members get their messages answered more quickly, but giving me no option whatsoever? Wow.
  12. OK thanks. Looks like I'll have to take it up with the IFTTT team!
  13. Thanks Jackolicious--I'm just now starting to understand what's going on here. So the images I get from IFTTT are not "attachments" like the ones I put in myself. I noticed this because right clicking on one of these images doesn't give me the same options as normal images. Is there any way to import these so they are regular attachments? Do they just exist as links in the code or something? Thanks for your reply!
  14. Interesting, that's what I had thought initially. Sounds like something else is going on. I also noticed on this particular note that it doesn't have an image thumbnail despite having many images. Would you know why that might be? Thanks for your reply!
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