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  1. True. Right now I just delete it altogether, or don't use checkboxes in the first place. But I'm a speed/minimal effort standing between me and getting things done guy, and a real To Do app will do all this stuff for me and make rearranging tasks quicker and easier as well. This feature isn't make or break for Evernote as a whole, but would inspire me to do more actual task management within its environment. But thank you for the tip! I didn't actually know the keyboard shortcut for strikethrough.
  2. One of the main reasons I don't use Evernote as a main to do list app is that checking off the checkbox next to an item doesn't visually distinguish it from the rest of the list (other than the checkmark itself, of course). I find it difficult to see what is completed and what remains to be done when glancing at a to do list in a note. I think it would be great if checking a box automatically grayed out (or visually distinguished in some other way) the line of text immediately following it. I understand there's probably never going to be a way to "clear completed tasks" in this app, but t
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