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  1. Okay, deleting the app and reinstalling it fixed the problem. I was scared my prefs file would remain on my iPhone. Strange, because I don't recall ever setting a passcode on my Skitch...
  2. Hi, In Skitch 3.0 and 3.02 I can no longer access the Camera Roll feature. If I go into the settings of the app, I can go to Restrictions and then I have a 4-digit code to enter, which I do not know of. My usual 4-digit passcode to unlock my phone doesn't work, and I have not enabled Parental Controls or Restrictions in the settings of my iPhone 5. My Camera Roll contains above 2626 photos. Is there any solution to this ? On a side-note, I have always found the UI of this app to be insanely confusing. Skitch 3 hasn't changed my opinion at all. Will something ever be done about it ? Thanks.
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